McClain County 9-1-1 maintains accurate base maps of McClain County addresses, using information from cities, towns, and agencies within the county.

To encourage simplicity and assist emergency responders, the county road system was renamed and signage placed throughout the county. East-west roads are numbered, with 100th St. located along the southern edge of the county, with the numbers gradually increasing toward the northern tip of the county.

North-south streets are named, generally indicating the name of the road in the Oklahoma City grid that the county road best aligns with. (e.g. Santa Fe Avenue would, if extended northward, eventually connect with the street of the same name in Oklahoma City.)

Our maps are maintained digitally using ESRI ArcGIS. For some applications, we make our map information available to outside agencies in Oklahoma to assist in their missions. We provide maps to the McClain County Election Board, the McClain County Commissioners, various cities and towns within the county, as well as sharing information with government associations like ACOG.

If you are in need of county GIS data, please contact our office for further information.