The McClain County 9-1-1 Trust Authority was formed September 18, 2000, with the mission of “providing to the residents of McClain County the highest quality emergency services possible with the shortest response time possible”.

Our first duty is to use the 9-1-1 fees collected “for the installation and maintenance of the lines and equipment of 9-1-1 emergency phone services of McClain County” and “to promote, monitor, evaluate and facilitate installation of all related equipment so that it will function in an efficient and reliable manner thereby providing 9-1-1 service to McClain County”.

This creates an important distinction. McClain County 9-1-1 is not the police, firefighters, or medical staff that are sent on scene to resolve an emergency situation, nor is it the dispatcher that sends these personnel. We are the telecommunications infrastructure that ties together the emergency caller with emergency services.

We are governed by a 5-member board with 3 staff members (see 9-1-1 Trustees and Staff).

You may review our Trust Indenture and Interlocal Agreements on this website (see Trust Documents).