How are addresses assigned?

McClain County 9-1-1 assigns address for any property within the county limits of McClain County, as well as several of the smaller communities within the county. We do not assign addresses for those within the Newcastle, Blanchard, or Goldsby city/town limits. To determine whether you should contact 9-1-1 or another city for an address, please consult the Address Map.

The McClain County 9-1-1 addressing policy requires a road to be given a name if there are more than three residences, businesses, or industries accessing the same road, regardless of the length. Road names cannot be duplicated throughout the county, and will not be named for individuals in order to avoid confusion.

Homes and businesses within McClain County, and any town following the county addressing system, receive a number based on their location along the road the structure faces. Each address is determined using GPS to ensure accuracy and precision when it is assigned. Structures on the North and West sides of a road receive odd numbers, and structures on the South and East side of the road receive even numbers.


How do I get an address?

Every home and business in McClain County should have an address. When you build a new structure, you will need to obtain a floodplain building permit prior to receiving a new address. Please contact McClain County Emergency Management Office at (405)288-2064 to obtain a building permit, and you will receive a 9-1-1 Address Application as part of your packet of information. If you do not have an address, and would like one, please print and complete the Address Request Form. You have 3 options to return the form:

  1. Scan the completed form and email it to
  2. Mail the completed form to: P.O. BOX 922 Purcell, OK 73080 or
  3. Bring the completed copy to our office in the Purcell Police Department.

Once you’ve received your address application and your County Permit Poster please post them clearly at the driveway entrance so that our office can determine your location. Please allow TEN (10) business days for your address request to be completed.

If you are buying or renting a property and do not know the assigned address, please contact our office.


What should I do with my address?

Many residents are unsure what to do once they receive a new address. First, post your assigned address clearly on your building and mailbox so that it can be seen. If you do not display your address, or some of the numbers are missing/faded, Emergency Responders may not be able to locate you quickly. Also, it is important to notify your local mail carrier that this is your new address to ensure that you receive your mail correctly. It is the responsibility of the resident to notify and change the address of any companies that may send mail to you (for example your phone bill, credit cards, bank accounts etc).